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Be assertive and lower your anxiety

Being assertive means expressing yourself effectively whilst respecting others. By being able to communicate effectively you get your message across. Its not all about saying no, however it does help when you need to. It shows respect. Where you respect... Continue Reading →


3 Ways to Identify Your Strengths

Are you too quick to critisize yourself for all you faults? Do you continually focus on all your negative aspects? Does you internal dialog revel in pointing out all your weaknesses? Do you find you put yourself down and are... Continue Reading →

How to Build Self Esteem

The website defines self-esteem as “how we value and perceive ourselves”. If you don’t value yourself and self-perception is low, this can really get in the way of leading a happy and peaceful life. It can be a downward spiral and it can be difficult to get... Continue Reading →

5 Quick Confidence Boosters

Having quick confidence building tools in your back pocket will give you a boost in those emergency situations. Building confidence is exactly that, you build a layer of confidence and then another and then another and so on. Having confidence in all aspects of our lives is important, yet... Continue Reading →

How to set goals

How many times have you tried to set goals and not achieved them? There have been times in my life when I've tried my best to achieve a goal and fallen at the first hurdle. For various reasons its just... Continue Reading →

Why turn a weakness into a strength

Films such as "The Greatest Showman", reach a vast age range, young and old. Providing inspiration that its OK to be YOU not matter how different you may feel. Also, have you ever read the children's book Elmer? It talks... Continue Reading →

Personal Project Management

Yesterday I spoke about taking time for reflection and personal development. Part of this, for me has consisted of learning more about mindfulness. I'm currently trying to incorporate more of this as part of my day to day routine. I'm... Continue Reading →

Long time no speak

I've been a bit quiet here lately. I've taken time for reflection, a bit of personal development and just keeping on top of life. Taking time out is always good. It gives us space to just be. To be away... Continue Reading →

Why go on holiday?

I've not long returned from holidays. Spending time with family and good friends has been a tonic. Not having to worry about the usual house hold chores or day to day routines. Escape from the norm. Spending quality time with... Continue Reading →

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