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Are You Feeding Your Confidence?

There are times when confidence is at a low. Do you find you face certain challenges and the inner critic sets in? Or you tell yourself your not capable or not good enough? For some there are times when these... Continue Reading →


How often to do you complement yourself?

Those that are very self critical may also find it difficult to give compliments. They may be feeling insecure and have a low self esteem that they may never think about complimenting someone else. They are too insular and worrying... Continue Reading →

Stuff it, Your Important Too.

People can have their views but it's your actions that will influence what happens next. Their views will not decide what actions you take. The only person that can decide is you. If you decide to listen to their views... Continue Reading →

The Myth of Life’s Purpose

We all struggle with direction at some stage during our lives. You get to the point where you don't know where to turn. You feel like there are too many options and you don't know where to turn. Or perhaps... Continue Reading →

How to Speak Up in Meetings

At some stage or another we have all been hesitant and nervous about talking in a meeting. Some people appear to be naturals, however I'm sure deep down they are worried and self conscious. There are those that no matter... Continue Reading →

From Struggling to Talk to Gratitude at Work

Whether your male and struggle to talk or someone looking for motivation at work. Or perhaps your lacking self belief, having to deal with mental health issues at work or wanting to know how gratitude at work will help you... Continue Reading →

How you can power through your career blocks

It has been quite an experience working for a corporate then becoming self employed, then going back to work for a corporate again. For a while I've been stuck. Stuck with where my career is going. I left working for... Continue Reading →

8 ways to calm down your inner critic when in the work place

Your critical inner voice can be really hurtful sometimes. The inner critic can really get in the way when in the work place. It has developed over time and become something that can really get in the way. It can... Continue Reading →

How to Up Your Performance

Your training needs should ideally align with the firms strategy and your performance goals. Which will in turn add to the reasons for your training requests. By understanding the underlying reasons for a skill or performance gap, you will better... Continue Reading →

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